The Rise of Augmented Organizations:A New Era of Collaboration

Thursday, June 25th
9 am (PDT) | 12 pm (EDT) | 5 pm (BST)
Online Event


Featured Speakers
Check out this year's amazing line-up. The industry leaders will discuss the current situation, development and what role technology will play to help us get through.
Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki
Innovation speaker, chief evangelist of Canva, and the bestselling author of 'The Art of the Start'
Pascal Finette
Pascal Finette
Co-Founder at be radical and Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation
Madeline Di Nonno
Madeline Di Nonno
CEO of the Geena Davis Institute
Martín Migoya
Martín Migoya
CEO & Co-founder | Globant
James Taylor
James Taylor
Creativity Speaker, Award-winning Entrepreneur, Founder of C.SCHOOL
Guibert Englebienne
Guibert Englebienne
CTO & Co-founder | Globant
Marina Saint-Iary
Marina Saint-Lary
Chief Solutions Officer | Globant
Christian Tomasofsky
Christian Tomasofsky
Mobile Banking Development Lead FIS
Haldo Sponton
Haldo Sponton
Head of AI Development | Globant
Why Attend?
Why Attend?
Why Attend?

Technology experts, entrepreneurs, and business leaders will share their vision of how organizations are transforming themselves, promoting innovation and increasing productivity.

The future of innovation and technology converge in one place!

Globant invites you to be part of Converge 2020, a trilogy of online events that will allow you to re-think innovative forms of collaboration for the new future. These events will be available both in Spanish and English editions. Come learn how to re-think next-generation industries, new forms of collaboration and work, and how to connect users in this new reality.
11:00 am - 12:00 pm (ART)
A New Era of Collaboration
June 18th - Spanish Edition
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT
A New Era of Collaboration
June 25th - English Edition
Coming in September 2020
Technology Enhancing Humanity
Coming in October/November 2020
Cognitive Disruption


Relive the most important talks from past editions

22 MinReinventing Digital

Reinventing Digital

At Converge NewYork our focus was on The Future of Augmented Organizations. We had an inside look at how these companies leverage Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to drive their efficiency, reach and innovation.
18 MinSolving the Engagement Dilemma

Solving the Engagement Dilemma

Amanda Manna, Vice President of Uncommon Partners Lab, shared her insights about how engagement and Behavioural Sciences can impact the future at Converge New York
21 MinBig Data at scale for energy transition

Big Data at scale for energy transition

One of the great challenges facing humanity today is regarding energy. Can Big Data and Artificial Intelligence help us not only to solve this challenge, but also that of mobility? Juan José Casado, Director of Hub Data & Analytics at Reposol gives us his perspective at Converge Madrid
21 MinTechnology Humanizing Organizations

Technology Humanizing Organizations

The cognitive revolution (AI) and the digital revolution are affecting the way companies connect with consumers and employees. Learn how technology help us to me more human at Globant.
18 MinGlobal Design with local spirit

Global Design with local spirit

Each local behavior is very specific but there are also global patterns that we must maintain. Selene Castillo, Regional Design Director at Scotiabank, discussed the very existence of global design and how it impacts the way it help resolve people’s necessities.
33 MinFireside Chat with Alex Torrenegra

Fireside Chat with Alex Torrenegra

What is it to be an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship is a way to maximize the potential of a project. Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of will. Alex Torrenegra, CEO of Torre, Bunny Studio and Voice 123 tells us about his experience at Converge Bogotá